Monday, January 09, 2006

"The Rules" and About Liars & Lovers

Welcome to Liars & Lovers. A few rules that we ask our Readers to abide by (if you are going to post a comment).

1) We prefer people who post to be 18 years and older. If you are younger than 18, please refrain from posting. And yes, we will be able to tell what your age is, so don’t even try it.

2) If you post and TyPe lIkE THis, or write in funky Ebonics we will delete your comment(s). Please spell check as well. We can't stand ignorant idiots; we deal with them on a daily basis hence the creation of this site.

3) This blog was created as a release for our frustration over the dating scene, but moreover for ENTERTAINMENT. It’s a blog to rip on losers (Persona = LIARS) and to praise wonderful people (Persona = LOVERS). If you think that this blog is messed up, that is your opinion and you are entitled to it, but if you post about it we are going to delete it. Plain and simple, if you do not like this blog, move on. You have the power/free will to do it, so do it!

4) Additional rules will be posted on an as needed basis.

About Liars & Lovers

To clarify things, when we list someone in the “Liar” category that does not mean they are, in fact, a liar, or that we are SAYING they are liars. They could be, mostly likely are, but then again all people lie. We use the word “Liar” as a Persona (loser, weirdo, psycho, stalker, you get the idea). Same with “Lover”. We are not saying that they are our lovers; we just value them in a different light than the “Liars”. Got it? Good.

If you are one of the “LIARS” (or even a “LOVER”) and want our entries/submission(s) of you to be edited/deleted, they won’t be unless there are factual errors and those you have to prove. Everything stated on this site is the TRUTH and FACT. Our posts will be mostly based on YOUR correspondence to us. If we post your e-mails they will not be “edited”. They can be edited in length for brevity, but more often than not we will post the entire correspondence as they were sent to us. In short, they are OUR personal e-mails therefore we can do with them as we please.

We post the LIAR or LOVER dating site ID, but do not post ours for obvious reasons; we do not want any more loser e-mail than we already receive. If you send us spam, we will post your ID/IP address/E-mail Address on our site to show the world what an immature idiot you are. We post ID’s because we want other men/women to see who the individual is so that they can avoid them like the plague. We believe in telling the world about psychos, weirdoes, and those dastardly online STALKERS. We believe in our safety as well as for other innocent men and women.

We post pictures, but have a black bar blocking the eyes to protect their identity. We realize that this is being hypocritical (because we post their ID), but sometimes the pictures just HAVE to be seen. The pictures are often worse than the e-mail. We also figure, if men send us pictures of their dicks, then its free game for all! If it isn’t their dick, we apologize to the rightful owner. Of course, you’d have to send us proof. :)

Since we are both heterosexual women we don’t have LIAR or LOVER stories on women so it’s up to our male readers to send in submissions (e-mail/IM correspondence between you two). We ask that you tell us their identity, what dating site they are on, and what your story is. If you send us their e-mail address, we will ask them their version of the story unless you ask us not too.

Not all reader submissions will be posted. We reserve the right to verify information that you provide us so that we know it’s the truth. We will not tolerate LIARS.

Enjoy and BE SAFE!